Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Field Guide to Homeschoolers?

Dana over at Principled Discovery (incidentally, one of my favorite bloggers) is hosting the latest Carnival of Homeschooling: A Field Guide to Homeschoolers. It's fun and there are TONS of great entries by dozens of different bloggers. Be sure to stop by and take a look!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marcy, just popped over to look at your blog. Really enjoyed reading your comment which you left on my latest post about home-schooling and wanted to thank you personally for taking the time and trouble to add to the debate.

My daughter is autistic and has thrived at school, I have thought about home-schooling for her several times, after falling out with the school last year for one! But Amy thrives at school and as we live in a very rural and isolated area (on a farm) she needs to be with other children all the time, plus she has a wonderful support worker. I know some parents with autistic children who do home-school but it's not for us.

I was posing the question really because I'd had a conversation with a mum to an autistic boy earlier in the day and she wanted my views as she can't find a suitable school for him. I know very little about home-schooling so I asked the world! Noticing on the comments received, there were some for and against replies.

Thank you again for your visit to my blog.

Best wishes,
CJ xx