Sunday, July 19, 2009

And On a Totally Unrelated Topic . . .

This blog has almost exclusively become a blog about homeschooling; however, the vast majority of homeschooling families include two married parents. Therefore, an occasional link to an article or post that will strengthen marriages doesn't seem totally out of line - and today I have a good one for you.

In tough economic times, many of us are looking for inexpensive ways to stay close to our spouses. Over on the blog Mom's Notes, there's a wonderful post entitled "30 Ideas for Dating Your Mate." What the title doesn't tell you is that these are cheap-but-fun ideas. So click on the link, read the article, print it, and enjoy! :)

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Roger said...

My name is Roger and I'm "totally" unrelated to your site, as it says to my left.

The subject that grabbed me about your site was homeschooling. I have two-parent friends who have three children who always have been home schooled. At first, I was a bit shocked when I met the parents and found out that none of their children had ever attended a public school. I'm in Canada.

The kids and the parents and I have become good friends over the years. The kids excell at their school work, monitored by the Alberta Ministry of Education.

When I first met the parents, I questioned them about how staying at home and never attending public school with their(the kids) friends might affect their social relations and their ability to integrate with other people when they went off to college. I was concerned about that but I should not have been.

The kids excell at home school exams (monitored by the Alberta government) and have all sorts of outside interests. My favorite "kid" is into her fifth year of guitar, the second little gal is into her second year of piano and the little guy is still figuring out what he wants to do.

I know nothing about this site, "Marcy's Musings". I don't know whether this site is pro or con about home schooling. But because of my unexpected meeting with the parents of three children who are, and always have been, home schooled, the words just caught my eye.

By the way, years later the parents and I are good friends. The oldest girl will be going off to college next year. I wish her all good fortune. She passed provincial exams with an 87% average. Who says home schooling doesn't work?