Monday, August 20, 2007

I am so honored . . .

Dana over at Principled Discovery has nominated my blog for the Thinking Blogger award! I am surprised and thrilled. (You can see the award displayed on my sidebar.)

Now, the trick is figuring out five great blogs to pass it on to. Here are the ones I've come up with that make me think; I hope you enjoy them.

Thought-Provoking Homeschooling Blogs:

The Common Room - The Dear Head Mistress always has lots of valuable insights, on homeschooling but also on lots of other topics, and is a prolific writer. She writes generally from a Charlotte Mason/classical perspective, which fits our learning style well. I like reading the posts by her kids, too.

Dominion Family - Another great blog with a classical viewpoint. Her current post points out that teaching doesn't actually happen until students learn.

Buried Treasure Books - I never look at this blog that I don't end up thinking about something in a new way. (She doesn't just write about books, either!)

Thought-Provoking Christian Blogs:

Dave Burchett - Every time I read Dave's blog, I find myself motivated and convicted. He doesn't post about homeschooling, just about life; but he always has something I need to read. If you follow this link, be sure to scroll down to his post called "Don't Miss This Phony Baloney Holiday," from Thursday, August 16.

Mark D. Roberts - Sometimes on the deep side for this busy mom, I generally find it worth my time and effort to read what Mark writes. He is a senior pastor, teaches at Fuller Seminary, has written 5 books and numerous articles, and in between finds time to post thoughtful blogs pretty much every day.

So, to these great bloggers, I present the "Thinking Blogger Award," giving them the honor of posting the award on their website and of nominating 5 other bloggers for the same award.
Thanks, Dana, for thinking of me for this award, and congratulations to the new Thinking Bloggers!


Carmon Friedrich said...

Hi, Marcy! I am sorry I didn't thank you before for mentioning me here! I have been so swamped...I appreciate your kind words :-). I read very few blogs (in spite of my long sidebar) and I mentioned the ones I would nominate a few months ago, so I probably won't do that again, but I am glad to find a kindred spirit out there when so many times it seems that we are square pegs in round holes.

Blessings to you and your dear family,

Marcy Muser said...


I know you are busy - what homeschooling blogger isn't? Thanks for taking the time to stop by. More significantly, thanks for taking the time to post about your life as a homeschooling parent. I value the input of others who care about what matters to me. Thanks for being one whose input is worth paying attention to!