Monday, August 06, 2007

Safely in Iraq

The following letter was posted on an online military moms group by a member who had "adopted" the author. This soldier had sent an email letting the poster know that he had arrived safely in Iraq. The posting member replied with a question: "Isn't "safely in Iraq" a contradiction in terms?" The Marine agreed to allow his reply to be shared with anyone.

"Safely in Iraq" is not a contradiction in terms here. It's pretty accurate. This is a very safe base.

When people ask about whether or not the job is getting done in Iraq, I think about this place now. 2 years ago, Fallujah and its "suburbs" were the worst place in the country. Now, statistically, it is the second safest in this entire province. I have more to worry about at home driving down the road than I do here... at least in regards to my own safety. I think about Haditha, where I was last year. We got hit with mortars every 3 or 4 days throughout the entire deployment. Apparently now it is a very safe place, with a large police force and a large civilian watch. It takes time, but we're getting the job done here, no matter what the media says.

It takes a couple years to really show the fruition of our work... but we're doing it. And if I have faith in this ----hole, everyone else should :)

The author of this letter, the soldier involved, was Corporal Daniel Redding, USMC, Fallujah, Iraq.

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