Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Proof Is In the Pudding

There's a great little op-ed piece today in The Justice, the student newspaper of Brandeis University, that confirms this - the best evidence in favor of homeschooling lies in those young adults who are graduating from their homeschools and moving out into the world successfully. The author is Tatiana Tripp, who was homeschooled herself for several years and is now a sophomore at Brandeis. Her editorial is significantly better written than many I've read, and in fact is better than many syndicated columnists.

In her article, Tatiana highlights many of the benefits of homeschooling that I've discussed here. The variety of homeschooling methods, the low student-teacher ratio, the extra time homeschooled students have, the additional social skills they learn, and more, are all addressed clearly and concisely. In addition, she deals with some of the myths about homeschooling, including the question of socialization and that of religious indoctrination.

I believe it's young people like Tatiana who make the best case for homeschooling. As time goes on and more kids graduate from homeschooling, we will likely see many more like her - thoughtful, analytical, eloquent, and unafraid to point out the fallacies of current thought - and the myths about homeschooling will be exposed as obviously ridiculous.


Tatiana Tripp said...

Thanks so much for the praise! I'm glad you thought highly of the article.

Marcy Muser said...


Thanks for stopping by to say hi! I always appreciate articles by those who have successfully completed the homeschooling journey - they give me hope that our family will make it through as well. :)