Thursday, July 05, 2007

Of Knights and Princesses

A couple of days ago I ran across an excellent posting by Andy Rayner of Where in the World? blog. Andy is a lobster fisherman on Prince Edward Island. This post is entitled, Why I Love Mornings, Marriage, Post It Notes, and Recreational Companionship, and it discusses a husband's need for that recreational companionship in his life. I badly needed the reminder at this point in my life; maybe you will also find it helpful.

The key section, in my opinion, is this one:

Anyway, one of the needs for a guy is called "Recreational Companionship". This is the desire for the girl he married. The one he had before kids came along. The one he had before house work, dishes, and heaping loads of laundry came in as an exhausting swell into their marriage and smothered a guy from just having fun with his girl.

Let me put it in lady language for you ladies."The Royal Knight wants to ride up to The Princess and fling her onto his battle horse with him, and ride off into the sunset together for some adventure together, any adventure, come what may, every now and then."

You use to be interested in him and all that he did back then. You went and did things he liked, played a game, or a sport, or were present for some hobby of his. Simply put, you tried to be involved anywhere and everywhere you could in his life. You were genuinely interested in "playing" with him. Why? Because you wanted to be in every part of his life back then. Now? Well, you answer that for yourself. Guys really miss that girl as the years go by.

Isn't that great? Thanks, Andy, for the reminder! And to my lady readers, won't you join me in a challenge - to find some way to "ride off into the sunset" with your "royal knight" sometime soon?! :)


Alasandra said...

Even weeding flowerbeds can be fun when you are doing it with the person you love.

Hubby and I don't get much couple time; so I try to steal it where I can. Even if that means helping him work on a car, tractor or whatever has broke around here.

Marcy Muser said...


How funny! My hubby also fixes cars. I don't help much, but he really appreciates it when I at least keep him company while he's doing it.

We are going camping next weekend. It's another thing that's not on my list of favorite things to do, but I do it because he enjoys it.