Monday, July 02, 2007

Really Excellent Homeschool Blogs

Hello! I don't have a lot to blog about myself today, but I've seen some really excellent blogs on homeschooling lately, and I think it's time to give them credit.

#1 - My most recently discovered treasure, Yielded Heart, has much thoughtful comment on why we're homeschooling in the first place. Here's a quick excerpt from one of my favorite of her posts:

I wonder if Jesus would rather see my closet organized, or have me not easily
offended by what my loving husband says. I wonder if He’d rather have me make
sure I have the most nutritious and wholesome meal on the table, or show more
gentleness and patience to my oldest daughter. Ponder.
Wow. I learned a lot this morning- mostly from my own folly. But I thank the Word of God, that it has the power to admonish, to encourage, to inspire, to correct, to discipline- through the Holy Spirit.

Ouch! What a great reminder!

#2 - A new "find" for me - Principled Discovery. I really appreciate those homeschooling parents who take the time to blog serious reflections on homeschooling and on life, and Dana does that exceptionally well. Even her "About Me" page is thoughtful. As she says there,

I am reflective by nature and tend to agree with Socrates when he says, "The
unexamined life is not worth living."

#3 - One of my older favorite homeschooling blogs is Little Women, who incidentally just happens to be my sister. She has a great story on her last post about a 3-year-old's perspective on the rainbow!

#4 - Another blogger who's been a favorite for at least a couple of years now is The Common Room. She has a BUNCH of kids - 7 the last I checked! - and writes prolifically about all kinds of topics. You can see the quality of her homeschooling when you look at the posts her older kids add to the blog - it is a pleasure to read all of them. The Headmistress is both reflective and wise, and I never fail to learn something new when I visit her blog.

There are lots of other great bloggers, but these are special. I hope you enjoy them!


Mimi Rothschild said...

Thanks for sharing. I have a blog too that is solely focused on homeschooling issues. I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped by! I'll be sure to check out your favorites too! :)

Dana said...

Thanks! And what a nice idea for a post. I always like seeing what other people consider worthy reading.